MHP blog launches!

This is the official first entry of the Morgan Howard Productions blog. Here, I hope to bring you news, information, insights and relevant information to the Native Community. During my work for Alaska Native Corporations, non-profit Native entities, Tribes and “Northwest Indian News” I visit many villages and reservations. I will share my experiences in hope that Native business will profit by my knowledge.

The launch of this blog is to coincide with the launch of the redesigned website for Morgan Howard Productions. This is designed to provide information to prospective and current clients. The “Video Viewing” page is a great place to get a real sense of the quality of work performed by MHP. Here you can view videos produced for past clients in the entirety. Being able to view the videos from beginning to end was important to me. Small clips or highlights are fine when you are looking for production value, but not for judging “storytelling”.

The top banner of the site represents “Two Worlds”; a common theme in Native life, which applies to me personally and professionally. The image on the left is Seattle and the image on the right is the village of Yakutat taken during the early part of the last century. My early childhood years were in Yakutat. Even though I left at the age of 10, I continue to call Yakutat my home.

Scholars have written that the Tlingit culture and people are “place-based”. I believe it. The power of place… the long acquired knowledge passed on through generations and the connection to one’s ancestors is very powerful.

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