Sealaska is the largest private landowner and the largest for-profit private employer in Southeast Alaska. The Corporation was formed as a Native corporation under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971. The corporation is owned by more than 19,000 individuals of primarily Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian descent.


Sealaska asked their shareholders to vote on three historic resolutions directly affecting the future of the corporation. The three resolutions were complex and intricate in their detail.

Sealaska’s shareholders had historically been evenly split in regard to the the most important resolution of enrolling descendants. Sealaska engaged in an education and advocacy campaign. It was decided early in the process that the centerpiece of the campaign material would be a video. Executives at the company initially felt mailing a 30-minute video to all the shareholders would be the best solution.


However, Morgan Howard Productions (MHP) suggested breaking down the material into shorter videos that would be distributed in an easy to navigate DVD and also as videos on the corporate website.

The DVD was to both educate and advocate for a “Yes” vote on the three resolutions. MHP decided to create a stand-alone advocating video that would be the first button to appear on the DVD menu. Our visitors were encouraged to play this video before advancing to the educational videos to follow.

This important video needed to grab the attention of shareholders and move them to support the resolutions. MHP called on their intimate knowledge of Native culture and decided to incorporate the “Raven Story of Creation” into the video using the story as a metaphor for the concept of “Including our children into the corporation”. The emotional culmination of the video included a climax of the “Raven Story” which underscored the importance of “sharing our treasures with the next generation”.


A DVD containing 13 videos was mailed to more than 17,000 shareholders before the vote. The most important resolution of enrolling shareholders passed. The DVD went on to when a TELLY AWARD.