Director of Photography-2 Camera shoot, Microprecision Software, The Stable Comm.
Director of Photography-Four Legend Pictures, Music Video, “Statue Love”.
Director of Photography-Four Legend Pictures, Music Video, “Village Love”.
Camera Operator-Under the Umbrella Ent., Multiple camera, “LA Nights”.
Camera Operator-TT Music, Multiple camera, “Saigon, Paris, Hollywood”.
Videographer-Canal Plus, French Television, “Oscar De La Hoya Fight” – MSG
Videographer-Diamond Productions, Inc., Event Videography, Corporate Video, “Don Henley’s Wedding”.
Videographer-South West Video Services, Miss USA, Miss Teen USA-California
Videographer-World Wide Broadcast Services, Inc.-George Suski Co.- Film Junkets – Warner Bros. “Ace Ventura II”, “Grumpier Old Men”, “Tin Cup”, “Joe’s Apartment”, “Mars Attacks”
Videographer-Conover Productions, Tele-Films, Film Junkets, Corporate, EFP; “Metro”, “Grosse Pointe Blank”, Disney-“Hercules”, “Devil’s Advocate”.
Videographer-First Media Inc.-Film Junkets-Sony Pictures – “Jerry Maguire”, “My Best Ffriends Wedding”, “The Big Hit”, “Godzilla”
Videographer-Liston Productions-Film Junkets-“Butcher Boy”, “City of Angels”, “Tarzan”, “Why do fools fall in love”, “Into the Arms of Strangers”, “American Outlaws”, “The Affair of the Necklace”

Videographer-Electronic Visual Services, Multiple camera shoots, Corporate video
Camera Operator-Impact Corporate Comm., Multiple camera, State Farm Insurance
Videographer-Wintech Video, EFP, ESPN
Videographer-Bauer A/V, Corporate Video, EFP, Samsung Electronics.
Videographer-Don King Productions, Big Vision, “Mike Tyson Turkey Donations”
Videographer-Conover Productions, Corporate video, Chase Manhattan Bank.
Videographer-Conover Productions, Premiere and Party, “Flubber”.
Videographer-Bexel, Mutiple camera shoot , Herballife.
Videographer-IO Media, NYSE Turner Corporation
Videographer-Flat Pappa Productions, Inc.-Times Square
Videographer-Debra Goldberg, HUD housing, Culture Camps in Old Minto, Alaska and New Mexico, “From One Heart, Many Voices”.
Videographer-WNYW TV5, Fox affiliate, New York, NY, ENG, EFP, Live
Videographer-KVEA TV 52, Telemundo affiliate, Los Angeles, CA, ENG, Live
Videographer / Editor-KSBW TV8, NBC affiliate, Salinas, CA.
Chief Videographer / Editor-KNAZ TV2, NBC affiliate, Flagstaff, AZ.
Videographer / Editor-KNAZ TV2, NBC affiliate, Flagstaff, AZ.

Videographer for most MHP productions.


Morgan Howard has worked in various other positions within the video production world.  These companies include:

Axium Productions, Inc., CPV productions, Estrella Communications, Inc., Electronic Visual Services, Andover Productions, King World, CMECA, Inc, Johns & Gorman Films