Grandfather Olaf with Baby MorganMorgan Howard’s great grandparents are Olaf and Susie Abraham of Yakutat, Alaska. Olaf Abraham was the hereditary Chief of the Aantlein River Teikweidi, Golden Eagle moiety.

Susie Bremner Abraham is Raven moiety, K’ineix Kwaan – people of the Copper River, Owl House. Susie Abraham’s father was Chief John of the Galyex Kagwaan Taan, Eagle moiety. Mr. Howard’s paternal grandmother is Elizabeth (Betty) George and Betty’s sister, Elaine Abraham (Chew Shaa) is his great aunt. His father, Lloyd Howard (ShaaK’eits’) spoke Tlingit well; as it was the only way to speak to his grandfather Olaf. His mother, Cornelia Devlin (Anesu) was adopted as an Eagle of the Teikweidí clan, as was her mother, Pauline Henry (Ch’eenuk’.tlaa) who married Dan Henry of Yakutat.  Cornelia is now married to Hugh Devlin, a grand child of Frank Yasuda.

Morgan Howard’s Tlingit name is  X’ agatkeen. (X, g, and k underlined)  This name is also the same birth name of his great-grand father Olaf Abraham.  He is Tlingit, Eagle moiety, Teikweidí clan, brown bear house.

Born and raised in Alaska, Howard’s early childhood took place in the small village of Yakutat, where his parents, Lloyd and Cornelia were also raised. His family later moved to Kodiak, where he graduated from High school. His summers were spent commercial fishing on the family boats (F/V Cornelia Marie). Mr. Howard is an original Sealaska and Yak-tat Kwaan shareholder. He is also a shareholder of Goldbelt, through shares inherited from his grandfather, Pete Howard, Sr.