Cynthia Santana

Cynthia Santana is a consultant, writer, narrator and producer for Morgan Howard Productions (MHP). She has been working at MHP since its founding in 1996. She has authored scripts for the “Clinton Presidential Library”, “Home Depot”, “Northwest Indian News” and many others. Cynthia has also written for CEOs of major corporations.

Cynthia is a talented Broadcast Journalist with nearly a decade of major-market experience. Her resume includes television news anchor at CBS in Chicago and news anchor at FOX in New York as well as other stations across the country.

The award winning Anchor/Reporter has been recognized for her achievements with a Gracie Allen Award, Associated Press Award for Reporter of the Year and more. Santana is an active member of many organizations, including the National Association of Hispanic Journalists.

She graduated from Northern Arizona University with a B.A. in Journalism and Broadcast Production.

Cynthia has been adopted into the Kwaashk’i Kwáan (Copper River Clan), Tsisk’w Hit (Owl House), Raven moiety of Tlingits in Yakutat, Alaska. She is involved with the Tlingit community in the Seattle area with her children learning Tlingit dancing and culture. She was born and raised along the Arizona-Mexico
border where her family still lives.